You might think it very odd of me...
Friday, December 23 2005

Something has finally happened to warrant me getting one of these things. As the event was occurring, I thought to myself, "This story needs to be told," and afterwards I told the other person involved, "That's it. I'm making a website in honor of this event." He laughed, because it was funny, but as you can see, I was serious. You can even see the ruins of a Xanga I created, and after poking around for an hour, abandoned. Here's how the shit went down.

We got home from "Classics Party" at around 3:30 a.m. "We" being my roommate, Mike Lund, and myself. We came home, and wanted some Hot Cocoa. A quick search of the cupboards and fridge revealed the only chocolate product in the house to be a jug of Raisenettes. Brief discussion was had over the possibility of converting the Raisenettes, somehow, into a drinkable form. However, the consensus was that it would be too potent a potable for us to handle. We needed a warm milk product of some kind, so we improvised. This is what we created:

  • Equal Parts Skim Milk, Whole Milk, and Hazelnut Coffee Creamer
  • Enough Honey (Grade A Fancy)
  • Too Much Nutmeg (For the taste, and hallucinatory affects)
  • A spoonful of Nutella (The original creamy, chocolaty, hazelnut spread.&trade)

Mix them all together on the stove, and heat untill warm. The Nutella won't actually dissolve, it just breaks apart into thousands of little brown chunkettes. Enjoy!

It tastes really good, actually.


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