Do you wackaroo how awesome this is??
Sunday, October 24, 2006

Yeah, so the Twins didn't last long in the playoffs.

Toribash destroyed my weekend. It a turn-based, physics-based fighting game where dismemberment is a common occurance and the severed limbs are still under your control. In this game you control your character's movements by controlling the contractions and extensions of certain muscles and joints on its body. This means there are no predefined moves or combos like in regular fighting games. This makes it a much more freeform game. For instance, the other day I ripped my own arm off and threw it at my opponent. My severed arm then grabbed onto his neck and I proceeded to beat his head with the shoulder of the severed arm by repeatedly extending and contracting its wrist and elbow. You can spend as much time tweaking the moves as you want, and each turn lasts about half a second of actual movement of the characters. At he end of a fight a real time replay is shown. Starting out is difficult, but it's not too difficult to figure out. Use the replays that come with the game for encourage ment to stick with it.

There is a demo of version 2.1 available at the official site, but you can get the full version of 1.98 for free at the bottom of the article on this page.


P.S. The blood bounces.

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