Banana Propaganda
Thursday, August 17, 2006

The files I was to use for today's installment were corrupted. So I have nothing for you today, except two sage bits of wisdom:
Bananas and Milk: Good Teammates

And choice haikus from the Timecube.
Acknowledge the math
below or go to hell. Day
Cube disproves Day God.

It is evil for Coryoth
to edit Time Cube.

educated humans are
not intelligent.

Opposites ARE NOT
entities. Earth nor human
equal entity.

Life to a Crap-Shoot
chance of exciting lifetime

Cubicism. Life is
as secure as existing
on a razor edge.

Principle for Truth
in Opposites contradict
a god entity.

Opposites compose
humanity. Opposites
create your body.

Cubic Order of
Creation. Man invented
word, and calls it god.

Cube discovery
greatest discovery of
human existence.


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