Positate the Negative
Friday, July 14, 2006

Are you a PC Proficient Self-Starter who plans to develop a High-Caliber Accelerated Career Track in a World Class Organization, experiencing Direct & Decisive Organizational Leadership while participating in High-Growth Emerging International Markets with a company implementing Technologically Advanced Operations?

Then the Carlson School of Management's High-Impact Phrases and Action Verbs is the Driving Innovation you need to become a Peak Performer and procure Fast-Track Promotion in today's Emerging Business Ventures.

Utilizing such phrases as, "Top Flight Leadership Competencies," "Competitively Positioning Products & Technologies," "Process Reengineering," and "Matrix Management," will ensure that you seem like a Proactive Business Leader ready to deliver World Class Leadership, even when Benchmarking yourself against the Best In Class in Entrepreneurial Vision and Visionary Leadership.

Go for the Competitive Wins by Delivering Strong and Sustainable Gains; "What kind of gains?" you ask, how about:

  1. Strong & Sustainable Financial Gains!
  2. Strong & Sustainable Performance Gains!
  3. Strong & Sustainable Productivity Gains!
  4. Strong & Sustainable Profit Gains!
  5. Strong & Sustainable Quality Gains!
  6. Strong & Sustainable Technology Gains!
With Driving Productivity Gains like that, there'll be no doubt that your Decisive Management Style will be a Catalyst for Change in your employer's Cross-Culturally Sensitive quest for Global Market Dominance.

By Outperforming Global Competition with Pioneering Technologies and Multi-Discipline Industry Expertise you and your company will secure Accelerating Revenue Growth that those with a Contemporary Management Style can't even conceive.

But in order to accomplish Distinguished Performance such as this, you must review the materials from your Competitive Market Positioning classes and position yourself as a Creative Problem-Solver with High-Quality Core Competencies. The Carlson School of Management's High-Impact Phrases and Action Verbs is the Change Agent you need to assist you toverbalize your Cross-Functional Expertise in a way that any Creative Business Leader or Proactive Manager will see your Team Building potential.

Driving Performance Improvement is not an easy job, and sometimes Capturing Cost Reductions and Productivity Improvements just aren't enough; sometimes it takes Business Process Reengineering, if not all-out Business Process Redesign in order to achieve World Class Operations, but you can rest assured that you will have the right vocabulary and High Impact phrases in order to overcome all Change Management problems. Surely, no one will doubt your Performance Management or Aggressive Turnaround Leadership.

Outperforming Market Competition is a team effort, and you will not only need Team Leadership, but Cross-Functional Team Leadership as well. Nothing builds teams like a leader, and nothing demonstrates your Executive Leadership abilities like a High-Performance speech (aided by action words and phrases from our list) executed by an Organizational Driver such as yourself.

You may be worried that some may not understand what "Driving Customer Loyalty Initiatives," "Process Redesign," or "Performance Reengineering" means. Don't be. A future Organizational Leader, such as yourself, shouldn't concern his or herself with the lesser type of people that can't translate your Strategic & Tactical Operations into Performance Improvement

With our help your Entrepreneurial Leadership will shine through and inspire some Top Tier Executive to send his Executive Liaison to hire you soon!


\italics are action verbs.
\\Bolds are high impact phrases.
\\\Yes, every one of the High Impact phrases was used.

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