A series of tubes.
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahoy, scalliwags!

Time for my seemingly bi-annual update: I'm still in Japan. But now I'm in Gunma Prefecture, rather than Miyagi. I was transfered here after the end of the Japanese school year in March. I teach at four elementary schools, and it's a lot more work than my previous gig in Miyagi.

Something you may not have known was that despite not posting anything, I regularly uploaded pictures to the folder linked to in the previous post. There was no interface or anything; just a bunch of filenames to click on.

Not Anymore!

I present to you: Picturetubes! It's an actual user interface to view those photos. It's got thumbnails, comments, the works. Plus, you can still view the full-size images if you want to, unlike some (coughfacebookcough) other photo viewing mechanisms out there.

Have at it!


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