Zuruzuru Zuruzuru.
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I don't seem to talk much about myself here, but I figured I'd fill in all those who care to know on the Recent Seth Details. First on the docket: I'm not coming back to Bismarck this summer. I've got a computer science-type job working for the university over the summer, so I'm staying here. As far as I know, the only thing resembling that in Bismarck is tech support at Sykes. I've got this week off before I start working. I'll probably end up wasting it away. Hopefully I'll be able to regain some sort of normal sleep pattern by the end of the week.

What else?... I saw Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children some months ago by way of a well done (yet still illegitimate) fan-sub. I enjoyed it so much I told myself that I would have to buy it when it was released in America. I did just that today. Two of them in fact. I never actually got out of Midgar when I attempted to play the game, but I still really liked the movie. It's probably not for everyone, but it does have the best computer animation and coolest fights ever. The plot's not bad at all, there just isn't much of it, and the backstory simply isn't told at all. It is enough to explain the fights, which is really all it needs to do. The acting is pretty good too, as far as I am quallify to critisize that aspect of it. I would even recommend watching it with the dubs. (Although some parts are changed a bit.)

I didn't really want to write that much about it, but so it goes... So, anyways, if any of you Bismarckers are coming to Minneapolis over the summer and want to hang out, or need a place to stay, send me an email, or a ringy-ding. (612-378-7538)


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