A question: How many times has a person unknowingly spoken a Haiku?

How many times has
a person unknowingly
spoken a haiku?

Here are some taken from this page.

a fountain of blood
would spew forth at a speed high
enough to cut steel

what the internet
is all about. Gigantic

don't need to worry
about braking some social
taboo. They're all safe

Japan is where the
action is at. Sleeping in
school is A-OK

Minnesota. My
favorite place to sleep is
in the Computer

America has
plenty of public sleeping

when you are in a
pinch and absolutly need
some piece of Gummi

You know, the Gummi
Bears' title song was pretty
good to begin with...

this songs just begs for
an acapella remix.
The song is catchy,

there are Japanese
movies being played every
Friday at Folwell

from North Dakota.
Smile. Be Grateful. The Mileage
of the Beast. There are


(Yes, I know they're not real haiku.)
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