You wield a mighty broadsword.
Tuesday, January 18, 2006

The first rule of writing in my book is to never, ever write in the 2nd person. There is a writer for the Bismarck Tribune, Tony Spidel, who occasionally uses the 2nd person in his articals, and it infallibly makes me want to gag. It just sounds horribly trite. How the hell do you, Tony Spilde, know what I would do or feel? You don't, so stop trying. It should never be used outside of Choose Your Own Adventure stories, and even then it is lame.

Having said that, I appologise for breaking my own number one rule in this bit of writing I did last year. I think it works, though. I didn't really know what do do with the ending, so I left it unfinsished for six months, then just tacked it on. What do you think?


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