Friday, September 17, 2006

It's been a while, but I'm not dead yet. I don't have any new content to ofer you, though. I have worked on the structure of the sight, however. There is one very small difference on every post here, and in the archive: The title of each post is now underlined. It's underlined because the title is now a link to the post by itself, without any of the other posts that ussually accompany it. Perfect for linking to a specific post and not worrying about the visitor having to search to find the right post within the page (nudge nudge hint hint)!!

School has started, and that's been keeping me busy. I got a check card the other week, thereby succoming to the temptations of plastic money. I also intend on getting a cell phone sometime soon. There aren't many of us hold-outs left. I kind of have a weird sence of pride about it.

I think I'll go play my brother's copy of Guitar Hero; it's days left being stored in my apartment are numbered.


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