Two point oh
Sunday, August 20, 2006

I've made some improvements to the Haiku Finder!

  • The "Be Presice" option is now functional.
  • It reads in html files better so is misses much fewer haikus. (Timecube went from one to sixteen legitimate haikus found.)
  • Numbers 0-10 are converted to words so they aren't completely ignored anymore.



Mouse Gesture Drawings
Friday, August 18, 2006

Sometimes at work there is absolutely nothing for me to do. I read the books on Oracle Databases until I start drowsing off, then to keep awake, I most likely check my e-mail, check to see if I've been assigned a task, then, eventually, I'll check out my sites, or Wikipedia to keep myself occupied. There is an extension for FireFox that lets you use mouse gestures to control your browsing. (Check it out here.) What that means is that by performing certain maneuvers with your mouse, you can make the browser do certain things. The gestures are initialized by clicking and holding the right mouse button; the gesture is then made, and is finalized with the release of the button. For example, by pressing, sweeping the mouse to the left, and releasing, the browser will go back as if you've pressed the back button. Or by moving upwards, a new tab will be opened. There is an option in this extension to also have it draw the gestures that are made.

The reason I tell you all this is that for a few weeks I've taken to making crude drawings with this feature. It's more difficult that one would first assume. First, the mouse must be in constant motion, or the drawing will disappear. It is set so that if you're in the middle of drawing a gesture, but the cursor remains unmoved for more than a second, the gesture will be canceled, and the line drawn on screen will be erased. Actually, I believe the mouse must be moved a minimum of 15 pixels per second, any less than that, and the gestures is canceled. Second, only one, unbroken line may be drawn. It's kind of like Etcha-Scetch. Third, the drawing will be erased if the left mouse button is inadvertently clicked, or the right mouse button unclicked.

Sometimes I did them on a blank page, in which case I cropped the screen capture to make them smaller. Others were done on top of a webpage. In those cases (except one), I left the screen capture whole, so you see everything on the screen. These pictures are much bigger, but more interesting, I think. They resemble gesture drawings, (See some here) so it's a punny coinsidence that they are drawn by way of mouse "gestures." They are crude, no doubt, but as the founder of this particular medium, and as one with no visual arts skill to speak of, what more can you ask?

The reason I started this post off with a description of my work? All of these were done during lunch, breaks, and downtime while I was at work.


Banana Propaganda
Thursday, August 17, 2006

The files I was to use for today's installment were corrupted. So I have nothing for you today, except two sage bits of wisdom:
Bananas and Milk: Good Teammates

And choice haikus from the Timecube.
Acknowledge the math
below or go to hell. Day
Cube disproves Day God.

It is evil for Coryoth
to edit Time Cube.

educated humans are
not intelligent.

Opposites ARE NOT
entities. Earth nor human
equal entity.

Life to a Crap-Shoot
chance of exciting lifetime

Cubicism. Life is
as secure as existing
on a razor edge.

Principle for Truth
in Opposites contradict
a god entity.

Opposites compose
humanity. Opposites
create your body.

Cubic Order of
Creation. Man invented
word, and calls it god.

Cube discovery
greatest discovery of
human existence.


I'm a bad-ass. The chicks dig me.
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I have posted the last four days in a row, and with twenty minutes left in the day, I've decided to try to have a new post every day this week, because I'm already half way there. I've got content lined up for tomorrow, but I have nothing to offer you today, so here's a list of a bunch of illegal and against-the-rules things I've done.

  1. Loitering
  2. Trespassing
  3. Individually selling things clearly labeled "Not for induvidual sale."
  4. Running a red light on my bike. (It's not my fault, the breaks failed!)
  5. Breaking the speed limit.
  6. Taking a pictured in Kirkwood Mall. (I heard it was agaisnt the rules, anyway)
  7. Sleeping with my shoes on. (In North Dakota it's illegal.)
  8. Jaywalking
  9. As a going-away-present, some of my friends in Japan bought me a comic-book in which unwholesomeness is partaken. I smuggled in and was in possesion of said comic book. I don't know if the smuggling was actually illegal-smuggling, but I'm quite certain it was illegal for me to have the book to begin with.
  10. Sleeping in public.
  11. I'm pretty sure I've violated the Alien and Sedition Act many many times. I don't think that law is still in effect, though. (I hope not. (If it is, I renounce citizenship.))

Here are some illeagal things I haven't done, to even things out (not a complete list):
  1. Embezzellment
  2. Aiding and Abbeting
  3. Illeagal Lane Change
  4. Prostitution
  5. Grand Theft Auto
  6. Insider Trading
  7. Arson
  8. Juvenial Delinquency
  9. Going to Cuba
  10. Tax Evasion

And just because, here is a list of legal things I haven't done:
  1. Going to China
  2. Sued anyone for failing to warn me that the coffee is, indeed, hot.
  3. Shot an Indian from a covered wagon. (North Dakota!)


Michael Forever!!
Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sit down Jesus, this is the greatest story ever told.


Neither do we.
Monday, August 14, 2006

"dot dot dot"


I was wrong.
Saturday, August 13, 2006

When I first read The Lord of the Rings in sixth grade it took me one month to finish the first chapter, and one month to finish the rest of the series. I would often tell people that the first chapter sucks, but the rest of the book is great. I was wrong. I got the books for my birthday and started reading them today. Upon second reading (this time taking only two hours), I found the first chapter to be very enjoyable and quite funny.

So, uh, if I ever told you that the first chapter isn't good; I lied. Sorry.


Sunday, August 12, 2006

I went home to North Dakota for a week. Enjoy some pictures.

Ben and someone playing in front of the Bohemian Hall.

The view to the east.


...and his Mystery Mobile

Linda and Chuck


Electric Palm



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